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Tesla Max


Uses Diagnose idiopathic neuropathy typography and early heart disease by complete cardiovascular testing Treatment and Therapy for peripheral neuropathy, ED, urinary incontinence, fibromyalgia & lyme diseases, & multiple sclerosis Diagnose test for small fiber neuropathy, disturbance of ANS and complex pain disorders.
Testing Information 5-10 minutes performed by anyone certified 15-30 minutes 3-5 sessions per week, performed by anyone certified 15-20 minutes performed by anyone certified..
Suggested Billing Codes 95921 (SNS), 95922(PNS) Cash 95922(ANS),95921(PNS),95923(QS)
Approximate Reimbursement*
*varies by state
$175-$375 $80-$120 per visit $3,000-$6,000 per take home program $150-$300
Cost New $34,000-$36,000 $75,00-$9500 $34,000-$36,000
Cost Used/Refurbished $29,000-$32,000 N/A-Take Home Program $29,000-$32,000
Financing Options Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program Demo, Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program
Trial Customized to client $2,000 towards final purchase for a 60 days trial of the machine Customized to client

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