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Physicians Options

All Care Consultants Inc. and her affiliate companies, Med Resource Alliance and Physician’s Choice Concierge, makes a difference in the lives of clinicians by helping them to provide the best possible patient care, adding new and innovative revenue streams, reducing their overhead, and maximizing their returns.  We accomplish this by developing specialized programs and profit centers that bring new revenues, allowing physicians to finance current and future practice growth endeavors. Below is a sample of the  diagnostic equipment, products, and services we offer:

result driven


With a winning culture and drive to succeed, we aim to meet and surpass your expectations at every turn. We have the tools you need to be successful.


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personal training


We provide comprehensive onsite and remote training standard with all equipment purchases.
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Revenue Enhancement


We provide turnkey programs and protocols to accompany the equipment options found here, providing additional income and financial success to you and your practice.
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Relationship Building


Being a part of the All Care Family means more than just being a client. We are committed to helping you succeed within and outside of your practice, directing you to the right people to do the best job possible.
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Digital C-Arm OEC 9400-9900/GenoRay

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Diagnose treatment through needle guided procedures

DigitalX-Ray SR-130


Mobile diagnostic test.

OEC Mini C-Arm OEC 6600, 6800

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Used in needle guided procedures and injections.

Ultrasound DUS 60 D6 U50

Staffing Placement

Diagnostic imaging and assist in treatment procedures.

Medical Device Pricing & Financing