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Tesla Max


Diagnose and Treat patients with dizziness and balance dysfunction Diagnose idiopathic neuropathy typography and early heart disease by complete cardiovascular testing Treatment and Therapy for peripheral neuropathy, ED, urinary incontinence, fibromyalgia & lyme diseases, & multiple sclerosis Diagnose test for small fiber neuropathy, disturbance of ANS and complex pain disorders.
30 minutes performed by anyone certified 5-10 minutes performed by anyone certified 15-30 minutes 3-5 sessions per week, performed by anyone certified 15-20 minutes performed by anyone certified..
92540,92543, 92546,92547,97112,97530,97750 95921 (SNS), 95922(PNS) Cash 95922(ANS),95921(PNS),95923(QS)
$300-$500 $175-$375 $80-$120 per visit $3,000-$6,000 per take home program $150-$300
$43,000-$49,000 $34,000-$36,000 $75,00-$9500 $34,000-$36,000
$37,000-$42,000 $39,000-$32,000 N/A-Take Home Program $29,000-$32,000
Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program Demo, Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program
Customized to client Customized to client $2,000 towards final purchase for a 60 days trial of the machine Customized to client


 VNG Performa
ANS Performa
Tesla Max Performa
QSART Performa
VNG WITH BALANCE PLATE $215 +$118 (with balance plate)-$40 reads+$120 0ffice visit=$413 per patient 5 years note with the balance plate is=approx.$1,000 per month 1 Patient = $413 5 Patient = $2,065 10 Patient = $4,130 12 Patient = $49,560 VNG WITHOUT BALANCE PLATE 5 years note without the balance plate is=approx.$800 per month $215 -$40 reads +120 office visit= $295 per patient 1 Patient=$295 5 Patient=$1,475 10 Patient=$2,950 12 month=$35,400 This analysis shows that there is almost a $15,000 increase per year if the VNG is acquired with the balance plate than without one, So if you were to acquired a balance plate to administer the treatment portion of the protocol, that would be a $7,000 onetime investment to yield you a continual and additional $15,000 worth of revenue every year for the life of the machine. PNS+OFFICE TESTS+OFFICE VISIT Average Reimbursement per Patient:$325 1 pt per day/week:$1,625 1 pt per day/week:$165,00 1 pt per day/week:$78,000 SNS+OFFICE TESTS+OFFICE VISIT Average Reimbursement per Patient:$368 1 pt per day/week:$1,840 1 pt per day/week:$7,360 1 pt per day/week:$88,320 COMBINED+OFFICE TESTS Average Reimbursement per Patient:$425 1 pt per day/week:$2,125 1 pt per day/week:$8,500 1 pt per day/week:$102,000 CPT Code Description Charge Units Reimbursement 95921 PNS $100 95922 SNS $115 95924 Combined w/Tilt Tabs $156 93040 ECG $16 94761 Pluse Ox $6 93922 Arterial Vascular Assesment $110 93923 Arterial Assessment Module $169 99214 Office Visit 3O MIN $112 On average Physicians that incorporate the tesla max in their particle will begin seeing an additional $20,000-$30,000 per month in revenues. If you have a patient population that suffer from any variant of chornic pain or neuropathy , this unit is a must have . Prevent to possess better outcomes and better results than any other stim unit on the market to data. SEEDING JUST 5 PATIENTS PER MONTH YIELDS: 5 patients on the 3m program=$22,500 per month –Yearly increase if kept constant of $270,000 per year (Please note that with the joint marketing program established, physicians typically see between 5-10 new patients every month, therefore the 5 patients listed in the above references is a conservative model.) Diagnose test for small fiber Typical Specialties Family, internal Geriatric, Pain Management, Neurology Cost of Equipment:$35,000 Average Lease Payment:$730 Avg Medicare allow: $200 Avg Tests P/Day:4 Time spent by staff 5 minutes each patient Consumable Cost:$20 Break even cost :3.5 Tests per month Avg gross month income: $18,644 Avg Net month income:$16,104 Avg year net income:$193,248 Avg 5 year net:$966,240, Annual RO: 552% Months to full payback :0.18 (About 2 month to full recover investment).

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