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Types of Surgery for Osteoarthritis

Once you’re diagnosed to have OA, your doctor may instruct you to attempt way of life changes like exercise, weight reduction, non-intrusive treatment, pain medication, or normal cures. Be that as it may, if these don’t work, he may suggest surgery. There are a few unique sorts of surgeries you could have contingent upon where […]

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Digital radiography Advantages

Computerized radiography gives such a significant number of focal points over customary film that it’s easy to see why practices are making the transition to digital X-ray systems in waves. Moreover, your patients hope to discover present day innovation at your practice. When you go advanced you give first rate, master treatment to your patients […]

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Diagnostic & Treatment Therapies for Concussion and TBI’s

Brain mapping has been utilized for almost 30 years, the ability to map the neural corridors of the mind continues to teach us even to this day about the limits of the human brain, but as importantly it helps us understand neural pathways and impulses that are normal versus those that are abnormal. These imbalances […]

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All in One Assessment Testing in the Medical Community

In the world of medicine today staying ahead of the curve and taking preventive steps is the only sensible approach to mitigating and reducing more serious illnesses, conditions and maladies in patients. In recent year’s machines like the QSART (Quantitative Sudomotor Axon Reflex Test), have been very popular among some physicians for its diagnostic capability […]

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PRP and Stem Cell Therapy in America

To understand PRP and stem cell therapy which is a relatively new minimally invasive procedure being increasingly used by physicians all across the country, we must first understand that the body has its own healing mechanisms. The Virginia Spine Institute points out quite accurately that our blood is made up of 93% red blood cells, […]

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