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Types of Surgery for Osteoarthritis

Once you’re diagnosed to have OA, your doctor may instruct you to attempt way of life changes like exercise, weight reduction, non-intrusive treatment, pain medication, or normal cures. Be that as it may, if these don’t work, he may suggest surgery.

There are a few unique sorts of surgeries you could have contingent upon where your damage is and how much pain you are encountering. Here are a portion of the techniques, alongside the advantages and disadvantages of each:


The surgeon embeds a pen-sized adaptable tube called an arthroscope inside your joint. The arthroscope has a fiber-optic camcorder appended so she can see inside your joint. By making a couple of little cuts, the specialist can smooth harsh spots. She can likewise expel sores, harmed ligament, or bone parts from inside.

This is a fast surgery and has less recuperation time than the others. Nonetheless, thinks about demonstrate that arthroscopic knee surgery has limited uses. The technique is by all accounts compelling just for particular wounds – for example, it is helpful on the off chance that you have a knee that locks up when you attempt to play a game, however is less successful for treatment of OA.

Total joint replacement (arthroplasty):

The specialist takes out the ailing parts of your bones and replaces them with a artificial joint utilizing metal or plastic parts. Total joint replacement generally decreases your pain significantly and enhances personal satisfaction. Be that as it may, simulated joints will destroy after some time and you may need to have another substitution in around 20 years.


The specialist cuts bone almost a harmed joint or adds a wedge of issue that remains to be worked out your leg or arm and evacuate weight. It’s a troublesome surgery and it doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be as successful in calming torment as joint replacement surgery.

Joint fusion:

The specialist utilizes pins, plates, screws, or poles to join at least two bones together to make one continuous joint. After some time, the joints will combine. This surgery will regularly endure forever and ought to lessen your torment. However, it wipes out portability and adaptability and can put weight on different joints.



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